Texas Court System

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/ Structure Court Texas is unique in that it has two-one High Court civil case, called the Supreme Court of Texas, and a criminal case, known as the Court of Criminal Appeals of Texas. Nine justices who sit on each court, like all judges in Texas, was elected. The election of judges is just one example of popular control over the individual chosen to rule in Texas. *** = The Supreme Court of Appeal Criminal Court -> Appeals court states -> Courts County -> local court. All state elected Judges differ significantly from the federal judge. Subject to voters to "punish": Less freedom to make decisions is not common and the risk of losing office if voters do not agree with their interpretation of the law, and the party's few mixed reviews ideology: All Texas high court judge since 1999. The GOP Texas Supreme Court is the highest civil court in Texas. The nine-judge court. Texas Court of Criminal Appeals highest criminal court in Texas; nine judges and state official has appellate jurisdiction in criminal cases. The two "highest courts" in the state:…show more content…
The largest trial court in Texas is the district courts, which often have general jurisdiction over a broad range of civil cases and criminal. Some district court specializing in a certain field, such as juvenile or family law. There is also the county judge, county court (and charter county court at law), probate court as prescribed by law, the justices of peace, and municipal court. II / legal
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