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Syberian “Logic Bomb” of 1982 State cyber-attacks are characterized by nations trying to infiltrate, shutdown, gather information or de-stabilized another nation, state, or country. These attacks are funded and protected by their respective governments and are targeted at either the other states agencies, contractors that are working for them, or any other entity that brings a crucial service to that state. Currently laws are being created to treat this types of attacks since this is a new form of terrorism and its ever evolving countries aren’t head to head with them so they try to accommodate as best as they can, but usually fail. Now an important distinction is to be made there is a fine line between cyber warfare and cyber terrorism, it usually identified by the fact that there is a known conflict between the involved nations. A great of example of this is the Siberian logic bomb attack of 1982. During July of 1981, a group of soviet documents exploiting the intrusion of USSR spies in US industrial sector where revealed by Vladimir I. Vetrov , he was an engineer employed for ...

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