The Impact Kim Philby on the World

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Among the spies of the 20th century, Kim Philby was a master of his craft. “To betray, you must first belong,” Kim Philby once said. Philby betrayed his colleagues, his friends, his wives, and most of all his country. He did all this in the secret service of the Soviet Union. The effects of this master spy’s operations set the stage for post-World War II in Europe.
Harold Adrian Russell Philby was born New Years Day, 1912, Albama, Punjab Province, India. His father was a famous explorer of Arabia and was held in high regard to the British Crown. Lieutenant Bernard Law Montgomery, a figure who would become a well-known General in World War II, was a cousin to the family. Philby received the nickname. “Kim”, from the fictional character from the book “Kim”, Rudyard Kipling, a intriguing spy novel. Philby grew up well educated and very much aware of the world. He spent most of his young life aboard. When World War I began, Philby’s father was assigned as an intelligence officer in British Intelligence. In 1929, the elder Philby abandoned his family in London and traveled to Arabia, converted to Islam, and become the newfound companion of King Ibn Saud.
Meanwhile, Philby grew into manhood and entered Cambridge University in 1929, after finished his undergraduate at Trinity College. He becomes friends with four unique individuals, Anthony Blount, Guy Burgress, Donald Maclean, and John Carincross. These individuals formed the Cambridge Apostles, a secret society. Later in life, these individuals would be known as the “Cambridge Five” or “The Cambridge Spy Ring.” This group became strongly Marxist and pro-Stalin. In 1933, Philby graduated Cambridge and bought the complete works of Karl Marx as a graduation pr...

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...nd country. Monru, 2001). Hansen’s role model since the age of 14…..was Kim Philby.

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