Tesla's Impact on the Modern World

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Tesla's Impact on the Modern World

Thomas Alva Edison was declared the most important man of the century according to Time magazine. He graced the world with his incandescent bulb, powered by a rapidly growing electrical movement of which he was a major leader. What most people do not understand is the fact that if the “Wizard” had his way, there would be a power plant every several miles, scattered about the land like sprinkles on a cupcake. At the time, direct current was the only choice, inhibiting as it was. Then, thanks to a man names Nikola Tesla, an alternating current motor was invented, allowing much more efficient electricity travel. This is just one example of the impact Telsa has had on the modern world. The forgotten father of science, Tesla, is responsible for numerous complex inventions that have changed and will continue to change the modern world.

Tesla’s childhood was not what most would call ordinary. He was faced with several near death experiences ranging from getting maimed by feral boars, almost falling into a boiling vat of milk, diving off a two-story building’s roof, expecting the umbrella clinched in his fists to float him safely to the ground, and nearly being cremated alive.

Family life makes a great impact on its members’ futures, good of bad. Unfortunately, when Tesla was five his older brother died in a mysterious accident (of which some accuse Tesla). Causing Tesla a lack of self-confidence, this incident made him feel as if all his actions were inadequate compared to his late bothers’.

It was about this time that Tesla began developing a vast array of phobias and obsessions. for example, women’s earrings, especially glittery or multifaceted ones, intrigued ...

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