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Abortion And Teenagers

Throughout the semester, I have been researching information concerning abortion. Many people are totally against abortion, while others feel that there is nothing wrong with it. Some say that even if the fetus is one week or 45 weeks old it is still considered murder. Where do we draw a line? It is obvious that there will never be a right or wrong answer. Every women should have the right to do what she wants. Whether it is abortion or not. Some say that even contraception is wrong. Martin Luther called contraception homicide. One man said that who ever uses contraceptives would lose their souls. This does relate to abortion because if a couple only has sex just to initiate life, then there would be less diseases, very little abortions, and not many adoptions. Throughout the semester, I have been researching some of the many issues that relate to abortion. There are a few questions from type "A" category that I will try to answer based on what I have read throughout the semester.

Many people often wonder what type of restrictions or shall I say rules are there for different states. In Pennsylvania, there is a requirement that teenagers show the consent of one parent or a judge, and another that puts a 24-hour waiting period for a woman after hearing a presentation from her doctor of alternatives to abortion. There has also been a provision that would have required women to inform their husbands if they wanted to have an abortion. Since states cannot ban abortion completely, they are trying to push restrictions like those in Pennsylvania. In most states, there will be a decision on whether or not teens have the right to obtain an abortion without involving their parents in the decision. Some say that if this actually goes through, then teens might seek an illegal abortion in their own state or might even consider self-abortion. States are also considering consent from the father and they are considering prohibiting the use of federal funds for abortions which might limit the teens options.

Many pregnant teens avoid having an abortion, but then turn to adoption. It is estimated that approximately 3% of pregnant adolescents will place their infant for adoption. Some authors say that increasing the difficulty of having an abortion will have an effect on adoptions. They argue that pregnant adolescents will turn to adoptions instead, but then again the reason that there is such a low adoption rate is because of the legalization of abortions in the United States.
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