Awareness Of Mental Health Essay

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Mental health: A crucial and terrifying part of a student’s life Health is obviously an important part of students’ academic performance and daily life. However, when referring to health, many students only think of their physical health since they think it is what gives them the energy to perform their daily tasks. However, they overlooked a significant factor, mental health. This is also a very important part to students’ health in general and to the students’ school performance in particular but it is taken very lightly. This is because its awareness among students is not high. The reason mainly, according to many students that have taken my survey about this issue, is that it does not cause real life impacts to make them notice it (Survey). However, every health has an illness. The illness of mental health is called in general to be mental illness, and it is very dangerous to students’ life since it can cause real fatality such as strokes or suicide, etc.…show more content…
I recently interview Dr. Paul Furtaw, a psychological doctor and the Associative Director of Counseling at Drexel University, about this topic. He defined mental health as “a person’s psychological and emotional condition. It helps a person on how to handle, feel, and think about stress and other related psychological state”. He also stated mental illness as “a disorderly state of a person’s mental health in which it causes serious corruption to the person’s thought and behaviors and disables the person from performing daily tasks.” From the interview, we can have a general idea that mental illness can cause harmful influences on our daily life. However, how does it do it in

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