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Ted Bundy appears to be a normal guy. He was an intelligent good looking man, many of his victims did not fear or question him because he did not look like a “monster” and was charismatic. But there was a totally different side of Ted Bundy.(4) Theodore Robert Cowell was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. Unfortunately, Ted never got to meet his father, who was an military veteran. After his birth, Ted and his mother moved to Philadelphia to stay with his grandparents. Ted was led to believe that his grandparents were his parents and his mother was his older sister. After four years, his mother and Ted moved to Tacoma, Washington and she married John Culpepper Bundy.(6) Over the next couple of years, the Bundy family added four other siblings, whom Ted would have to babysit after school. Ted’s step father tried to interact with Ted by taking him on camping trips but Ted preferred to stay at home alone. Ted never really cared for his step father. This desire to be alone led to his future being uncomfortable with others. As a youth, Ted was very shy and uncomfortable in social situations. He often became the target of bullies in his junior high school. With all these distractions Ted still managed to have a high grade point average and it would continue throughout high school and later into college.(1) During his high school years, Ted appeared to have become a more mature young man. his popularity increased significantly and he was considered to be well dressed and to have good manners. But Ted rarely dated and spent most of his time participating in extra-curricular activities such as skiing and politics. His interest in politics would temporarily land him in the politics arena. Following high school, Ted att... ... middle of paper ... ...Bundy was convicted for the two Chi Omega murders. Even though he was his own attorney he could not fight the evidence. He left bite marks on one of the bodies that was a definitive match for Bundy. He was given the death penalty twice for those crimes. He also received another death penalty the following year in the murder of Kimberly Leach. Bundy fought for his life for about 10 years. (3) On the morning of January 24th, 1989, Bundy met his fate at the Florida State Prison. He was put to death around seven a.m. that morning in an electric chair. After his execution, crowds gathered around the prison set off fireworks. In the end, he admitted to thirty six killings, but experts are convinced that the total may of been closer to one hundred.(3) After all, his intelligence got the best of him and it mixed in with his psychotic side that he could not overcome.

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  • Explains that ted bundy appeared to be a normal guy, an intelligent, good-looking man, and charismatic, but he had an entirely different side.
  • Explains that theodore robert cowell was born on november 24, 1946 in burlington, vermont. ted never got to meet his father, who was a military veteran.
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