Ted Bundy's Personality Theory

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Ted Bundy is a serial killer who murdered many girls and women. He got the death penalty when he was found guilty. In his last interview he talked about why he did these things to these women. Bundy blames his actions on the environment he put himself in and not his parents but I believe his parents genetics had some part in the way he behaved. His personality fits best with Eysenck’s personality theory because he believes both biology and the environment create someone’s personality. Eysenck believe there are three different dimensions of personality. They are extraversion, neuroticism and psychoticism. He believed that extraversion was inherited from our parents and extroverts had a low levels of cortical arousal and high sensory thresholds. The sensory thresholds that they inherit from their parent s are what causes them to take more risks and not hold back in certain situations. Eysenck also believed that neuroticism is hereditary because it has to do with emotion and motivation. In the brain the amygdala and hypothalamus control these and the environment cannot control brain functions. Psychoticism was not in Eysenck’s theory of development. He believed psychoticism is what makes people angry, hostile, and antisocial which is caused by stress. Depending on how much stress is on someone the more likely they …show more content…

He was an extrovert and that was why he needed to kill and rape multiple women not just one. He says it was not his family’s fault he was like this and that is true but somewhere in his DNA caused him to do these crazy things. He also had some type of stress that made him snap and never go back to the way he was. I wonder if Ted Bundy would have been different if he put himself in a different environment. Bundy blamed the environment is what caused him to make these crimes but I don’t think so plenty of men watch porn and do not go around killing

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  • Opines that ted bundy is a serial killer who murdered many girls and women. he got the death penalty when he was found guilty.
  • Explains that eysenck believes there are three different dimensions of personality: extraversion, neuroticism, and psychotic traits.
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