Technology in the Classroom

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Today’s young children are becoming more exposed to technology. There are currently many arguments over whether or not technology is a positive element in the classroom and if it beneficial towards the students. According to McManis (2012), technology has been in the classrooms for many years now but “the development of new technologies and their presence in the classrooms is increasing rapidly” (p. 1). Technology in the classroom affects children because it can either advance their knowledge and incorporate different ways of learning of it can be used to replace the teacher. Technology can also be used to incorporate different learning tools in order to teach children with specific needs. Technology, if used efficiently, can produce very positive outcomes and present new ways of learning in the classroom. The new technology that has been used in the classroom over the last couple of years changed that way that children interact and engage with technology. Technology is no longer used as a resource for research but it is integrated in curriculum and has become a learning tool. McManis states (2012), researchers have discovered that “computer use supports and increases young children’s skills in the social, cognitive, language, literacy, writing, and mathematics realms” (p. 2). Technology allows children to work hands on it and helps them search and discover topics on their own. Although technology is a great learning tool, it is important that technology is used with an education component. In order for technology to be used to its full potential in the classroom, it is important for a teacher to assist and guide the students and provide them with specific programs and tools. Technology is very beneficial in the way that it can be used in a classroom as a tool for students with different ways of learning. Research has shown that technology is a great teaching tool