Technology Improve the Learning Process

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Technology is all around us, everywhere we look, and anywhere we go. Technology is prevalent in our daily lives, we need to incorpate it into our teaching and learning tecniques. We live in a “high-tech” world; therefore, students should learn with technology to insure that they have the necessary tools to be successful in this “high-tech” society and job market. The goal of a teacher is prepare their students for the “real world” because students will not be students forever. Technology not only enhance the students’ learning process, it also help teachers get their work done quickly and efficiently. Technology must be integrated into the learning curriculum in order to improve the overall performace a the students.
Technology is here to stay; therefore, we need to harvest its benefits. The government knew how important technology was; therefore, in 1983, it enforced a computer sciene course to the public school system. According to Marc Prensky, today’s students are “digital natives” and older adults are “digital immigrants.” Young students are born into a world with the high usage of computures, tablets, and smart phones; while older adults grew up in an environment of changing technology. Teachers who are not computer literate should be properly educate in order to successfully intergrate technology learning into their classroom.
Teachers can use technical softwares for teach and perform their daily tasks. There are software that set up online attendance, online grading and online lesson planning. Besides using these software to lighten up the teacher’s paperworks, teachers also use LCD projectors in their classroom during their lectures. Teachers might not be aware that they are already using some kind of technology learn...

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... not every students are audtiorial learners; thus, they will not do well as they could have if the class size was smaller. Online lectures allow the student to access the professor‘s lecture from their computer screen, on their own time. The students “can replay the lecture as many times as” they please (Abrams 3). The ability to take the course anywhere and the ability to access the learning marterials whenever a student wants is the benefit that technology brings.
We are in the Twenty-first century, innovate learning technology will help guide our students in the right direction. Technology is link to real-life education ad the workforce. Many jobs now require some form of knowledge on computer skills. By adapting technology into the learning process, teacher, students and parents will see positive improvements in academic performance and real-life work skills.
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