Technology Distractions in Education

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Times are forever changing, and things in life is constantly evolving to something better or something more efficient ,especially technology. College campuses are overflowing with students packing Blackberry,iPod's, laptops and cellphones. College student are obsessed with the latest technology and in today classroom such technology's capture the audience. Moreover, as a learning institution, a college hold's the responsibility to offer it's student the best technology to help them prepare for their future. In “Facing the Facebook” written by Micheal Bugeja the professor examines the ethical and educational effect of the time student spend online. In addition, technology could be undermining the educational goal of critical thinking while inspiring multitasking,which cause “as much of a distraction as a tool.” Social networks like Facebook contribute to the distractions while in class. However, the learning process for student has changed dramatically, plus, technology is used in many aspect for teaching. With the amount knowledge that student are required to retain, technology can add convenience, confidence and skill's to aid in the learning process and life. Having technology as a tool for college brings convenience to students. Most colleges professor's require student to submit reports which play's a major part of their overall grade. In addition, resources like the internet are use to obtain information need for projects and reports. Instead of rigorous research being done in the library, the internet is utilized as a research tool from the comfort of a home or dorm. Futhermore, Student are able to send emails to teacher to obtain quick answer while studying and also submit report when they are complete. Certainly... ... middle of paper ... ...teacher allow the first or last five minutes of class to check for update on twitter or Facebook this would reduce the temptation while in class. Indeed, consequence could also be put in place if student are caught abusing these site while in class. All in all, moving forward is just the way of how thing are done in life, moving backwards to most is just not a option. Technology is a aspect that will be very beneficial for our future so we must embrace these advancement with the utmost acceptance. Furthermore, such acceptance creates a learning experience complete with instant support from peer and teacher's to aid student furtherance through moments of frustration to excel in their studies. This is the only way to terminate assumption or bias and bring about a change or a new way of doing things. . Works Cited learning& leading with technology, pg. 47
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