Teaching Philosophy Statement

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Teaching Philosophy Statement

I have a dream and that dream is to one day become a teacher. I have had this since I was a small child and I would play school with all my friends and my sister. I will always remember on the last day of school asking my teacher for any old teachers manuals or worksheets that she was going to discard so that I could pretend to play school all summer. I also remember as a child that I always preferred to go to the stationary department of a store to select to play school with over buying something from the toy department. There are many reasons why I dream of being a teacher. Of course, I think it would be great to not have to work nights, weekends, holidays, snow days, or summers, but now there is a greater reason and that reason is to touch the lives of students like some of my teachers have touched my life. As a teacher you have the ability to not only affect the student's present life, but also their future and the future of our country. It will also allow me to have the best of both worlds: to have a rewarding career as well as be home with my children when they are not in school. As a teacher I plan to incorporate the essentialist and behaviorist philosophies into my future classroom.

I feel that it will be important to incorporate the essentialist educational philosophy into my classroom because I believe that it is important to instill in our youth not only academic knowledge, but also character development. I feel that if they receive these two things they will be more prepared to face the real world. It is important to teach them respect for authority and consideration for others because unfortunately in this day and time so many people lack things. It is important to teach them perseverance so that they will be willing to work hard and never stop until they have reached their goals. It is also important to teach them practicality because we live in a very unpractical world. I believe the core courses, that include: reading, writing, computing, history, geography, natural sciences, foreign languages, social studies, and government are essential to a student's future in college and beyond.
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