Teaching: Personal Philosophy and Tools

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Teaching is a lifelong learning process. It involves the learning of new strategies, philosophies, and methods. I can learn from colleagues, parents, classes, and from the students themselves. I want my students to take responsibility for their learning. I want to give them the tools to help become successful in their life. I think it is my responsibility to provide an educational environment that is encouraging and positive. As I reexamine my philosophy my belief that each child is a unique individual is strengthened. I have come to realize, and research supports, just how important a safe, caring, stimulating, and motivating environment is to a child’s learning. This environment is one in which a child can grow emotionally, intellectually, and socially. As an educator it is not only my job, but it is my hope to help students meet their fullest potential in these areas and to have them become life-long learners. The most important thing I can do is to provide an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking, invites the sharing of ideas, and shows respect for self and others. To create this type of environment I must be a guide and a model. A child's natural curiosity can be a powerful tool used to direct his/her learning. My classroom will be student-centered. I will be a skilled facilitator that is knowledgeable, capable and effective in the management of a classroom. My lessons must address all my students learning needs. I understand why an effective teacher must be a resourceful curriculum planner. I also realize the importance of being supportive to my students, other teachers, and my school. I want to have a positive influence in all aspects of the teaching profession. The goal of educa... ... middle of paper ... ...’t have all the answers. An effective teacher must be knowledgeable and able to find and use resources in planning lessons to meet the curriculum. I have come to understand the importance of planning. My classroom should be student centered where different learning styles are addressed through different type methods and lessons. I will accommodate and adjust my instruction for the diversity I find in my students. I have to be flexible enough and honest with myself if something isn’t working. I recognize that I must use a variety of assessments to get a true picture of my students’ progress. An effective teacher must be an effective manager. A well organized classroom promotes learning. I will create a safe environment for learning to occur. Finally I must model behavior that shows respect and value for all students that enter my classroom.
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