Teachers’ Technology Attitude Scale

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The theoretical framework will apply Swan and Dixon's (2006), Teachers’ Technology Attitude Scale (TAS), originally designed by McFarlane, Hoffman, and Green (1997), Evaluation of the Technology Attitude (EOTTA). Swan and Dixon revised the TAS to determine the extent of the relationship between teachers’ attitudes towards technology and level of application of technology in the instructional practice. According to the researchers, The TAS model played a crucial role in incorporating technology in the classroom through the use of math educational software applications. Swan and Dixon (2006) designed the TAS to determine the effect of using a supported model of professional development to assist math teachers with technology use in the classroom. This model focused on teachers' attitudes regarding technology and classroom usage (Cavas, et al., 2009). Swan and Dixon’s research targeted the potential success that a professional development had on teachers’ attitudes towards technology (Cavas, et al., 2009; Swan & Dixon, 2006). The TAS emphasized shared learning, and collaborativ...

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