Teachers Should Have an Option to Be Armed

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Teachers should have an option to be armed The topic ‘Teachers should be armed” interest me so much because I have met a teacher who dealt with a school shooting and he truly believed if teachers were armed the shooting would have never occurred There have been so many cases of shooting inside of schools, innocent people getting hurt and students and even staff members not feeling safe in school. I myself have met a person who had to deal with a deadly tragedy of a shooting inside of Columbine High School watching his own students’ lives end because of 2 boys who thought taking ones live can make theirs better. This changed his whole perspective on why a teacher should be armed ‘’If teachers were armed April 20, 1999 this would have never happened”, he said. This teacher told me if he was armed that day he could have saved students’ lives because he felt helpless when the shooting happened and there was nothing to do about it. Cases like these teachers should be prepared with a weapon in handy. Having teachers armed will lower the risk of school shootings. There have been many cases of school shootings in the past decade and we need to put a stop to it. Innocent lives are being taken away, students aren’t feeling safe or the desire to learn and school isn’t like it once was. Last year there was a school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary were many innocent children and teachers were killed. A teacher who worked at Sandy hook, Victoria Soto was shot and killed for hiding her students in a closet and told the gun they were in the gym just so the children can be safe and risked her life for them. In an article ‘She was a hero” by Erin Smith he explains that Soto was a hero and had saved her children and if she was armed she would ha... ... middle of paper ... ...dren will see as their teachers are armed and will follow their footsteps and think it is okay to carry a gun. However children can be taught from right and wrong and learn that guns are no good to have in hands of a child. Children will also be taught that teachers are armed for safety purposes only and will feel safer at school instead of feeling scared to be there. School shootings are still happening and we have to put a stop to it. We need to have these teachers prepared and ready to fight. Students to deserve to have their lives out to rest knowing something could have been done that’s why we need to have these teachers armed. This is a cold world if someone enters a school with a weapon teachers need to have their weapon ready too for the sack of their children. A school is a fun place to learn but to also keep safe. This is why teachers should be armed.
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