Teachers Should Be Allowed To Carry Concealed Weapons In Schools

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The issue of whether or not teachers should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on school campus has been a national debate for years now. Will weapons prevent mass shootings in schools? The topic became serious in 2012 when Sandy Hook Elementary School was targeted, and twenty-six innocent people were killed. Since the shooting, there has been a lot of public discussion about how to keep students safe and prevent these mass shootings. The number one concern for a parent is the safety of their children. Shootings like Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Stoneman Douglas have left parents, administrators, and educators feeling like they should be more involved in finding solutions for their children’s safety. With children’s lives on the line, the …show more content…

The number of shootings since then has greatly increased. After seventeen students died in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, President Trump calls for teachers to take up arms to defend classrooms against school’s shooters (Balingit 2018). President Donald Trump proposes arming a fifth of the nation’s teachers. The proposal confirms that these armed teachers would all be given bonuses who agree to carry. Researchers main question is “who would be responsible if something went wrong?”. Things could happen, such as, a student finding or stealing a firearm, the weapon could accidentally discharge, or a teacher could accidentally shoot a student when aiming for an active shooter (“Teachers with Gun Training”). “The National Association of School Resource Officers rejected Trump's proposal to arm teachers, saying the solution is to put police officers with special training in every school. “Only a sworn law enforcement officer should be responsible for carrying firearms in a school, said Mac Hardy, director of operations for the association. He noted that a school shooting poses a "frantic, incredibly stressful situation" that requires intensive training” (Balingit

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