Teachers Are Important Too

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Teachers are usually overlooked as important professions; many believe that teaching isn’t as demanding or as tough as other top paying professions. Without teachers, people wouldn’t be able to gain knowledge and there would be no academic growth. Teachers are just as important as other professions, and should have a salary increase for starting teachers.
Teachers are extremely vital to everyone’s lives, as a parent you want the best teacher for your child. This is not possible without a salary increase; most people interested in education are often hesitant. This is because many fear that while the job is perfect for them, the salary is not. As an adult stability is a necessity and stability in this world is synonymous to money. Without a good salary, people are not able to take care of their families which naturally are a worrisome predicament for many people going into education. Teachers are here to help students grow academically, but cannot do that if they don’t have the proper tools to use. Many teachers sacrifice some of their meager salaries to begin with, to buy supplies for their students to have. Mind you, that often times the budget for supplies for teachers is not that much. Teachers who put the students before themselves and their own needs are just as important as other professions.
A teacher getting paid more is the most logical thing there is, with teachers having the means to support themselves; they will have “extra” money to spend on extracurricular activities for school. Teachers will have the opportunities to take classes that would benefit the classroom. Teachers could: Take workshops on how to better communicate with their students, Math teachers taking workshops on a new method of math and English teache...

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...equipped and unsupported teachers. As the old saying goes, “You get what you paid for.” Letting down these students, is ultimately affecting them and other citizens of America. International students look at America as this shining beacon of light, with endless opportunities and tools to help them succeed in life. According to University world news “enrolment growth has been driven by just two countries, China and Saudi Arabia. Since 2007, enrolments from China have grown by 186.5% while enrolments from Saudi Arabia have grown by a staggering 332.9%.” This proves that, not only are messing situations up for our students, but for other countries as well. Teachers are extremely important, and are the people who lead our future. If teachers don’t get the increase in their salary, then this affects the world because a world with no education is a world with no growth.
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