Taylorism And Fordism Case Study

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The prevalent discussion of the nature of workplace settings has been the central focus of many studies by scholars who look at the management approaches used and its influence on the way employee’s respond to the strategies implemented by management. Considered as fundamental ‘dominant traditions of work organisation’ (Noon et al, 2013, p.140), Taylorism and Fordism are of great importance as they transformed the organisation of work in the 20th century. The principles of these two dominant ideologies have been influential in the nature of work tasks and skill levels in the labour force. It can be argued that these approaches changed the work process by introducing greater amounts of formality and structure. This in effect, has contributed to the unresolved conflict among scholars on whether work is becoming less or more skilled. Taylorism and Fordism principles are still apparent in today’s modern work settings, thus in this essay I will aim to explore and critically analyse the impact and influence of these approaches on modern management practices and the well being of employees...
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