Tackling Child Labour Case Study

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“Corporate Social Responsibility: Tackling Child Labour Issue”

General Phenomenon
International relations, or international politics, is not merely a field of study at university but is an integral aspect of our everyday lives. We now live in a world where it is impossible to isolate our experiences and transactions from an international dimension. If a student watches the sitcom Friends or Glee actually they are both learning about and participating in a culture differences form their own. If a student flies from Indonesia to Singapore, they are subject to international air space agreements and contributing to global warming. If a student chooses to by a fair trade coffee, they are making a conscious decision about contributing to a state
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The problem is the case of child labour should be decreasing rather than increasing. Actually the countries that have children labour already recognized the need for the elimination of child labour and have implemented several measures designed to meliorate the problem but the practice continues to be found throughout the industries and in the private sector. Examples of industries employing children are the technology industry, fashion industry, food industry, and…show more content…
Nestle has only one goal, which is “to get cheap, quality chocolate to as many people as possible.” Nestle agreed to end the use of abusive and forced child labour on cocoa farms by July 2005, but they failed to do so. In code of conduct from Nestle, it prohibits the use of child labour in its supply chain. Nestle had made substantial efforts to inform farmers about its code of conduct, awareness of the code was low among farmers, with farmers sometimes unable to attend training sessions due to either “lack of interest or time.” It also found that farms lacked any kind of age verification system for workers to stop the use of child
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