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1. Background of the Organisation :
Inspired by the Nationwide call of Mahatma Gandhi ‘March towards Village,’ People’s Institute of Rural Development - PIRD was established in the year 1983. PIRD is working for landless labour, poor farmers, child labour & women groups related to rural development programmes. Campaign against child labour and education for child labour are also our major programmes.

2. Facts about Child Labour :

We always compare children with flowers and butterflies because of their common virtues like innocence, ever present freshness and tension free lifestyle. We do not differentiate between children and butterflies as far as their playfulness is concerned. We also consider our children as future pillars of our Nation. But the reality is stark opposite and very pathetic which will disturb any good hearted human of our society.

Presently, about 11 crores children of age group 9 to 14 , are working as child labours. This makes 10% of our total population. All these children have missed out pleasant moments of their childhood and ultimately they will remain away from the mainstream of social development. If we as a society ignore these facts and neglect this situation, it may prove to be harmful to all of us.

3. Role of PIRD :
For the last 8 years, PIRD is taking various innovative steps for prevention and eradication of child labour. The organisation has arranged different programmes like non-formal education, Bridge course camp, Campaign for educational awareness, educational centre at village level and overall social awareness, etc. for child labours. Though this approach has not proved to be very successful, it has definitely made at least a partial impact on the overall campaign. After visualizing the gravity of the problem, it becomes absolutely necessary for everyone to participate for the cause of total eradication of child labour. We are aware that the success of the programme depends on every ones active participation. The main cause of the child labour is economical, though level of education and social backwardness are also important factors. If we try to solve these problems, the rate of child labour will reduce by 50 percent. With this confidence, for the last three years we are conducting the programmes of educational awareness for eradication of child labour.

4. Causes of Child Labour :
Problems faced by parents, social backwardness, illiteracy and dislike for schooling, etc.
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