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Some perceive the use of Child Labour to be positive for the ever growing global economy, while many on the other hand argue about the negative effects Child Labour has on children and society in general. According to the International Labour Organziation, Child Labour is "defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical and mental development"(ILO,p.1). Currently there are about 215 million child labourers worldwide (Canadian Labour Congress,p.1). Within Canadian Mainland Child Labour is considered illegal and a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. While the majority of Canadians believe Child Labour to be an epidemic present within second and third world countries, and are "willing to extra for products free of child labour"(Irene Ogrondik, Global News), but unseen by the public it continues in various industries across Canada, especially the Agriculture Industry. These issues of Child Labour in Canada "do not enter mainstream media until a teenager dies"(Craig and Marc Kielburger, p.1). The lack of implementation of laws in various industries and the importation of manufactured goods using child labour, coupled with the communication gap between different levels of government showcase Canada's indirect support for child labour.
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The lack of proper enforcement of laws has led to a rise in child labour being used in various industries across the Canadian economy. According to the Commission for Labour Cooperation "Minors may work on farms in Canada"(pg.2).The agriculture industry in Canada is completely devoid of any regulation and on the other hand many of the rules and regulations can be overruled with the consent of the Pr...

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...ntion(138). Canada remains one of only 27 nations in the world that do not comply to this Convention Even thought the Federal Policies of Canada prevent Child Labour, they do not comply with these conventions and similarly the laws and regulations in each province are different as compared to the Federal Policy. The communication gap among these levels has led to the emergence of Child Labour within Canada.
Canadians globally discourage the use of Child Labour, while the lack of proper implementation of laws keeps Canada unsafe from this epidemic at home. With homogeneous laws in place throughout all levels of government and banning the importation of goods can make a huge difference nationally and internationally. By the implementation of sales dropping for the company that uses Child Labour abroad Canada can tackle this issue at home and at abroad.

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