Swot Analysis Of Media Broadcasting

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Political factors determine the extent to which a government may influence the economy or a certain industry. An amendment covering every means of online marketing communications in media broadcasting was made in extension to the regulatory framework which already covers online advertisements to ensure that any media broadcasting unit is operating with the public interest at its core. “It must remain absolutely independent from political and commercial influence”. Hence, it is not reflecting any interest of advertisers or justifying its actions to shareholders.
However, political policies do influence these broadcasters as the government controls the amount of the licence fee paid by the households. Furthermore, there are pressures from the government as the licence to broadcast is never issued for infinity and therefore conflict certainly arises.
The most recent Media Act – the Media Act 2008 – entered into force on 1 January 2009. A major change from previous versions of the Act is that public broadcasters are now formally responsible for websites, digital channels and services offered via mobile platforms as well as for radio and television.
The legal and policy framework governing the media is repressive and allows for extensive government control over almost every media sector.
Major political reforms needed in media broadcasting are:-
• Rules on licensing of the print media and other constraints on print media’s ability to operate freely
• The need to remove controls over Internet-based and related forms of communication and to ensure that the Internet cannot be shut down for political purposes
• The need to address government control over the state-owned media, both print and broadcast and to either privatize t...

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• Endorsements- There are new rules issued requiring bloggers and other users of social media to disclose any paid endorsements.

To protect environment, many media broadcasters are following the environmental awareness and the global urge. With increasing awareness, more and more environmental features have been incorporated.
For example: the BBC’s head office is supported by rainwater harvesting system and water saving toilets. There is no permission for disposable cups in the office. They have a centralised recycling point for waste.
Many more features like the use of energy saving lightings or the use of fair trade products to name a few followed. As awareness is increasing, a sense of responsibility is felt to be aware of the environment and to provide fair and ethically correct services to the communities by respecting cultural diversity.
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