Swot Analysis Of Hotel In Hotel Industry

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Luxury Hotels in Hospitality and Tourism Industry


Luxury Hotels in Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Introduction and Overview
Hospitality is a large category of the field found in the service industry that encompasses all the services provided in the lodging, event planning, transportation and cruise line (Benson, 2013). Also, tourism forms part of the hospitality industry. The industry depends on the availability of the leisure time and ready to spend income from the general population. The hospitality units include luxury hotels, restaurants, and operations like serving, management, and human resource. The products that are provided is services to the customers who purchase it using their money.
The luxury
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Such can be attributed to its way of serving its customers as a hotel. The management is particular about client handling by the company employees and its sensitization of consumer respect. The company that formed the hotel have been able to employee professionals in the hospitality industry who perform their various functions professionally (Riley, 2014). Such has enabled the hotel to provide quality services to the clients who visit the hotel.
SWOT Analysis of the Hotel
The hotel having been formed earlier have been known, and this creates competitive advantage over the newly formed hotels in the world.
Being a five-star hotel is preferred destination of choice compared to the hotels that have not reached that level.
The services provided by the Crosby Street hotel are of high quality due to professionalism compared to other hotels which have not taken keen interest to employ professionals in the industry.
Provision of services like transportation have ensured that even those who are tourists can visit the hotel and get the service hence competing effectively in the tourism industry.
The hotel has been able to cut on the cost because initiatives like having rooftop kitchen garden where they have planted its vegetables hence affordability.
Weaknesses (W)
Heavily dependent on the domestic clients for its business
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