Google Inc., the definition of Sustainability

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In todays day and age, what do people do when they need answers to a question they don't know? They Google it. In 2012, on average, there are 5,134,000,000 Google searches a day (Google Official History, comScore). Google Inc. (GOOG) was started in 1996 by two PhD students at Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The first funding they ever received was a net worth of 100,000 dollars given by Andy Bechtolsheim. The company has grown over the years and is now worth over 250 billion dollars alone. How has a one small company grown so much and will it be able to sustain itself?
Sustainability isn't just about how long a company can survive but sustainability also incorporates three important components, the three E’s: equity, environment and economy. Equity is all about people. How does Google Inc. treat their employees? What does Google do for the population as a whole? Environment on the other hand is all about Earth. What is Google’s carbon footprint? Are they doing more bad or good for the environment? Google is one of the largest search engines available and not to mention one of the most popular. Google supplies several different branches, covering pictures to email to new gadgets. With an annual revenue of 50 million dollars, “green” actions and great benefits for workers and the community as a whole I would argue that Google Inc. is one of the most sustainable companies out there.
From a money standpoint Google is doing quite well even though it is a free search engine. The company grosses about 100 million dollars a day just with advertisements alone. Because Google is so popular many companies look toward it to advertise in order to get their product out. This was the companies starters, Larry Page and Sergey B...

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...levant and fast. The ‘GOOG’ ultimately tackles its mission statement to do more than the minimum.
Google’s parts all fit together to become part of a very large and sustainable company. Their use of profit is impeccable and helps supply a company that does good for people and the environment.

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