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Employees are the second key stakeholders for Debenhams. An employer is an individual who works either full-time or part-time under a contract of employment for a business and they are getting paid. If employees find a better job, where they are treated properly and the pay rate is much better than the Debenhams hourly pay rate. They are more likely to leave their Debenhams job and go to a job where they have a better working environment. Debenhams is a very stressful place to work in; all retail stores are stressful to work in. Many employees get dismissed from their jobs and the owners might find someone who is either at the same level of their old employer or someone has more attributes and more skills which make them stand out from other …show more content…

A supplier is a company that provides services and goods that meets their consumers’ wants and needs. All supply companies want to feel valued by the company that they supply, that’s the aim of the suppliers. When the demand for finished goods at Debenhams, for example: Rocha John Rocha jeans, the businesses are more likely to supply their consumers more. This depends on the raw materials’ availability and if the suppliers are willing to supply Debenhams with more finished goods. The competition for raw materials to produce the jeans may be a bit difficult to buy because the demand for the materials is higher and the suppliers may not have enough raw materials to sell to produce the …show more content…

Volunteers who work for the Water Aid are very committed to the charity organisation and they are willing to give their free time up to help the LEDC countries to become a better place/environment to live in for the future generations. The advantages of being a volunteer are that it shows that you are committed to helping people in less economically developed countries, it’s rewarding and they are helping the community. However, the disadvantages are that its time consuming, not a lot of the volunteers are available for certain activities or workshops they are interested to help out in and if the volunteers have school work that has to be completed soon, it’s hard for them to find the right time to sit down and complete their work because they are so busy with work, school and family

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  • Explains that employees are the second key stakeholders for debenhams. an employer is an individual who works either full-time or part time under a contract of employment and is getting paid.
  • Explains that employees have an influence over debenhams because they help customers with their purchases and if they have less employees working at the store, the customers will have no assistance and the company will lose their profits.
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