Analysis Of Wall's And Hico Ice Cream

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1 Substitutes: Those competitors who are selling the products which fulfill the same needs of the customer. 2 New entrance: All those new competitors who can enter in the market and can grape the market share of the existing companies. 3 Direct competitors: All the direct competitors mean offering the same product with same features they are also called industry rivalry. 4 Buyers bargaining power: The bargaining power the buyer increases when there is few customers and many companies. 5 Suppliers bargaining power: The bargaining power of the supplier increases when there are few suppliers or a single supplier is supplying too many companies. Wall’s and Hico ice cream has almost same threats. So wall’s is competing with these threats effectively…show more content…
The companies should keep in their minds before strategy. These social force can affect the business of Wall’s ice cream, they should make their ice creams with Halal ingredients because there is majority of their target market is Muslim. Hico ice cream also knows the social norms, values and believes of their target customers and they are also making all the products with Halal ingredients. Technological Environment: The most dramatic forces shaping the lives of people are one of the technologies. It creates new opportunities and new products in the market. Like all other technology companies have a direct impact on the operations of the wall’s. How wall’s has a highly automated production facility operates, and this new technology when it comes to adapting to changes and growth of imported machinery and equipment like the most, the company focused on its toes. Machine used before any other company has such a technology before it condensed milk thistle as well as additional technology was very advanced and unique top layer is used to…show more content…
Massive distributions 2. Wall’s a strong brand name 3. Unbeaten taste , quality 4. Financially strong Weakness: 1. No variation 2. Pure milk is not use in icecream Opportunities: 1. Tie up with food chain, restaurant 2. 53%of our business come from emerging markets 3. Untapped market segments 4. High skilled worker available in market 5. Gap in Mkt. for diet ice cream, which Wall's can cover because they are more, establish than other's 6. B2B-Marriage halls/caterers Threats: 1. Local ice-cream parlor 2. Competitors(omore,hico) 3. Electricity short fall 4. New entrant 5. Political instability SWOT (Hico ice cream) Strength: 1. 100% pure dairy ice cream 2. Unique flavors 3. Family packs Weakness: 1. Weak marketing 2. Weak positioning 3. Limited availability 4. Low brand equity 5. Less focus on bars/cones/cups 6. Unattractive packaging 7. Short supply Opportunities: 1. Large untapped market 2. Ice Cream parlors 3. Co-branding 4. B2B-Marriage halls/caterers 5. Strong demand for ice

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