Sustainability And The Built Environment Essay

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Coursework Template: Sustainability and the Built Environment Student number: 10274469 Task 1 The term sustainability can and does have multiple definitions, if I was to write it in my own words it would be the act of preserving and using the finite natural resources that we have on this planet in such a way that we make the most efficient and beneficial use of it and in the process of doing so we inflict minimal damage to the environment and living organisms around us. But I prefer the following definition: ‘’Sustainable development refers to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’’ (World Commission on Environment and Development, (Brundtland Commission),…show more content…
INPUTS  Skilled Workforce: A team of professionally qualified and experienced engineers, architects, contractors etc. should be employed to overlook and work on the construction and design of the building. These people should understand the purpose and need of the construction of the building in question thus this way they can get a better idea of what they are supposed to do.  Materials & Resources (preferably renewable ones): As we are already short of natural resources we should be looking for suitable alternatives, these can be from renewable sources or even recycled materials.  Energy & Safety Services: Basic services such as electricity, water & gas should be provided; there should also be fire alarms, smoke detectors, and ventilation systems along with sewage and plumbing systems. In case of any emergency evacuation plans should be taken into consideration, same goes if any natural disaster or fatal accident was to take…show more content…
‘’Excessive noise can lead to hearing loss, high blood pressure, sleep disturbance and extreme stress’’. (, Pollution From Construction article by: Jennifer Gray - Updated: 6 Sep 2017) Air pollution is the second major type of pollution output. Harmful and toxic CO2 emissions, noxious vapours, construction dust- which is responsible for multiple health problems- and many other pollutants. Last but most certainly not least, comes water pollution. Surface run-off from construction sites contains pollutants, such as diesel and oil, toxic chemicals, cement etc. ‘’Pollutants on construction sites can also soak into the groundwater, a source of human drinking water. Once contaminated, groundwater is much more difficult to treat than surface water.’’ (, Pollution From Construction article by: Jennifer Gray - Updated: 6 Sep 2017) LAND USE  Accessibility to Leisure & Services: The area on which the building will be erected should be within the vicinity of services such as public transportation, hospitals or other health care centres, supermarkets, parks

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