Surviving Against All Odds

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A chance between life and death, that is survival, or maybe it is just to be alive or exist. Through many circumstances and major events in history survival has been tested? Through each circumstance something has occurred to help people or people have relied on something to survive. I investigated this through my questions: How does environment affect survival? Does the idea of survival change depending on different circumstances and how? What is the most important aspect to consider if you are trapped in a deadly situation? With these questions I looked for links in my chosen texts. Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Schindler’s list directed by Steven Spielberg, Left 4 dead 2-game based on survival, Survival and The Romanian babies by Iris Tennent.

How does environment affect survival?

Location influences survival greatly. The text ‘Lord of the Flies’ was an example of this. The story revolves around a group of schoolboys that had crash-landed on an island with no human existence. The island had all necessities of life. “There was fresh water to drink and berries in the forest,” said Ralph. Jack also stated “that there were also pigs in the forest.” With all these necessities the boys could survive. In the poem ‘Survival.’ The animals were running from mans lead death. Although they were hidden in the forest they were all on the verge of being slaughtered. “Run fox run as fast as you can your survival depends on your speed”. So sometimes environment does not ensure survival. Left 4 dead 2 is a game based on a zombie apocalypse. They had food due to shops being abandoned. This was a positive because they had life essentials accessible easily. But with the zombies roaming the city, the affect on the environment was negat...

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...ur through many things. The poem Survival is evident of this how hunting, a mere sport is truly cruelty. Or how in Schindler’s list, the realization is the suffering and loss to wars, and how the Nazi and Jews both feel the same pain and loss. Felt by young children. Helplessness and lonely just left to die with only one desire to be loved and live normal lives. How is this life truly if there is so much hatred. If there were more leveled headed thinking, would things be different? I think so. Would man view man equally and would the world appreciate man? If we as humanity had more control. No one would need to survive as there would be no danger.

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