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As I lay on the minute golden grains of sand, I looked up at the brilliant sky, adorned with flashes of pink and orange and purple, mirroring the colours of a flawless seasoned apricot. The goddess-like sun’s face is being embraced by the demure navy fingertips of the skyline. The dull light of the sun somehow manages to kindle my senses in a way I had never seen or felt before. Everything felt like it came to a standstill and the effect of the light made the scene look like one in a painting. The waves break gently into white foam on the black beach. The small crystals in the sand glimmer and twinkle brilliantly against the sunrays. The seagulls ride with the wind and the soft sand cushions my toes. I reach behind, burying my hand into the …show more content…

Away from the immense sea, white foams from the waves gather gently onto the golden shore. Now, half of a glowing, radiant light looms across the water 's horizon. The sea turns blood-red and darkness creeps up like a thief. The necklace that once reflected its passionate energy of fury moments ago now resembled a mere costume jewellery. Perhaps the loss of the necklace’s elegance and sophistication was the reason to why it was disregarded. Pity the owner did not see the necklace radiating its splendour at its peak. Anyhow, the nightfall creates a sensation of joy and tranquillity in me. Every sight and sound stimulates a sense of composure and serenity; and the effect is heightened by the absence of the noisy bustle of our daily work, only to be exposed to the never-ending music of the waves, and to breathe the fresh air instead of the stale atmosphere of classrooms. It is not easy to describe the effect of this sight; it can only be strangely deciphered in my mind. It is however, a very tangible and distinct emotion, though its allure really depends upon the reality of the world from a further point of view, away from the definite predictabilities of the world, all in which an instant becomes like a translucent drape which almost consents me to catch a glimpse of a ideal and more breath-taking reality. The worldly desires, expectations, worries, schemes, suddenly cease to exist. It is as though all of …show more content…

The sunset shows me strikingly that beauty runs from the ends of the earth. When I pass in seclusion among rivers, over the countryside, or through a familiar route, and see the sun left hanging in the crisp air as it floats down like a deflated hot-air balloon in the west among the cloudy pavilions or in serene spaces of clear blue sky. This scene of the sunset comes to me as that despite all the hustle and bustle in life, I feel that everyone should spend at least half an hour just to relax and enjoy the process of life instead of rushing through to complete deadlines after deadlines. The darkness overwhelming the sky seems to portray that the earth is closing its eyes to rest in preparation for the next day; therefore, we humans too need to rest and give ourselves a free time to forget all our burdens and unwind for a while. Also, as I see the sun sinking as its colour fades from orange to crimson red, blending through the fading sunset to eventual darkness, it stirs my heart. As a Christian it is as though God is subtly unfolding His wonder and power through the mystery of nature. An unbeliever may look on at a form and see nothing than a beautiful mundane sunset routine while a believer may become aware of the holy and majestic presence. In this period of stillness, I find myself committing whole-heartedly and gratefully to Him, to receive His infinite love and

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