Summary Of The Champion Of The World By Maya Angelo

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Maya Angelo was born marguerite Johnson in Saint Louis in the year 1928. Broken family, raped at the age eight, unwed mother at sixteen years old she had an unpleasant eventful youth. She wrote six book of poetry, produced a TV series in Africa, and acted in a television series and serve as a coordinator for a southern Christian leadership conference. She is best known for her books I know why the caged bird sings, song flog up to heaven, hallelujah! The welcome table. She was also a Reynolds professor of American studies at wake Forest University.
The main purpose of this essay is to analyze the writing of Maya Angelo in the essay the champion of the world and the strength of African American. I know why the caged bird sing; the tittle taken …show more content…

Maya Angelo’s "champion of the world" is much more than the chapter of the book. During 30 's people of the black ethnic group were not much worth. "Champion of the world a black boy. Some black mother 's son “defines the struggle of the black people at that time. The battle against white contender was not just an ordinary victory. It was a victory of the black defeating the system.
Both the reader primary and secondary are the audiences of the essay. The writer is writing on behave of the new generation who needs to know more about the history and society educated. "If Joe lost we were back in slavery and beyond help "which explains the real struggle of the black people at that time. Maya explained much more in the single sentence about the importance of the game in a single sentence. The defeat would not only defeat Joe but it would have been the defeat of the whole black culture and …show more content…

Her race wants him to win and overcome the pain and sufferance they had till then. The description of the men staying away from the walls, and the women clenching onto their babies, showed fear. No one could breathe, or blink as it was the moment of suspense which could go in either way was a turning point where black people felt it was all over.
Discrimination and the struggle was the part of their life but eventually, President Franklin started some government assistant aid which would help the black community member for the government work program. Oscar De La Hoya with Floyd Mayweather was similar battle to Joe Louis. Which turned out to represent African American with Hispanic culture. It was like a cultural shock to the Hispanic as they used to be on the top in the sports.
Ethos and logos are used as an appeal in the essay. It was a story with a lot of emotion which she had successfully handled in the whole essay. She presented the essay in the real life with many facts, she gave poetic touch to her essay because of some of the metaphors she used like we didn 't breathe it. She used both logos and pathos in

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that maya angelo was born marguerite johnson in saint louis in 1928. she was a broken family, raped at the age of eight, and unwed mother at sixteen.
  • Analyzes the writing of maya angelo in the essay the champion of the world and the strength of african american.
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