Literary Analysis Of Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman

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Society creates the thought of what makes an ideal woman; however, Maya Angelou shows us what truly makes an authentic woman in her poem, “Phenomenal Woman.” The word “Phenomenal” is defined as something that is magnificent, remarkable, breathtaking, as well as extraordinary. This poem illustrates confidence and beauty from within, instead of the conventional view that society tends to have, which only focuses on the appearance. She shows how to acknowledge womanhood. One is able to appreciate the poem, even further, by analyzing many of the poetry elements that Maya Angelou illustrates, such as imagery, tone, and diction. Tone helps set the attitude of a poem that a poet is trying to portray on a specific subject (Kriszner et al. 245). The tone of this poem is celebratory, proud, and confident. One is able to deduce this by paying close attention to the title. Paying attention to the title gives one a hint what this poem may bring and what kind of tone is…show more content…
Poets use imagery to help convey a particular action, theme, or characters (Kriszner et al. 248). For instance, the theme for “Phenomenal Woman” is about a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. One can acknowledge the theme even more with the help of figurative language. The speaker mentions, “The sun of my smile” (Angelou). Instead of saying that her smile is great and bright, she uses personification to convey this instead. One is able to connect, visualize, and compare her smile to a sun on a hot Summer day. Metaphors are present in great numbers, “Then they swarm around me,/ a hive of honey bees” (Angelou). Bees are highly attracted to honey. The connection one can make is the speaker’s presence as she enters into a room attracts many. This helps one visualize what the speaker is trying to depict. Men are highly attracted and enlightened by her presence that she brings in a room or place. Angelou uses physical features throughout the

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