Major Themes In The Trial Of Celia, A Slave

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Women who were enslaved during the slave period endured much suffrage. Not only were they the subject of chattel slavery, but some were also molested by their masters, for their own personal pleasure. In some cases, masters would pair “good breeders” together so their farm would benefit and they would have more slaves. This behavior would lead to force rape. The purpose of the book is to demonstrate how slavery crippled African American slaves from defending themselves due to oppression, particularly women. The trial of Celia, A Slave opens a gateway where people’s morals and actions were put into question after the death of her master. Themes such as gender oppression, chattel slavery, race, prejudice, revolt are some themes present in Celia,…show more content…
Female slaves were beneficial in terms of economic productivity, family structure, and in some cases sexual pleasures. They were subjected to harsh treatment based not just on their skin color but gender as well. In the book, Celia was bought by Robert Newsom and on the first night on the way back to his farm he wasted no time in raping her. However, it was not just female slaves as alone, Roberts oldest daughter lived with her father and her kids and depended on him to survive. If she did want to confront her father on Celia’s behalf and tell her father what he was doing was wrong. It would not have been in her best interest, given the fact that she had no husband her father could have thrown her out. These two women are prime examples of how women during this time period were oppressed and did not have much say. It is one thing to be a female but in Celia’s case a black woman did not play in her…show more content…
A common theme in books that involve slavery, but extremely important. Race can be defined as a group of people who are grouped together because they are related by similar descent. Throughout the book the whites were grouped together and separated by their power. The blacks as well were grouped together and was withheld from freedom. Even in the book when Celia persistently told the lawyer that she worked alone in her crime. They did not want to come to terms with the fact that no other slave helped, especially given her gender and physical state. They categorized the slaves based on there race, in wanting to punish someone for the death of Mr.
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