Summary Of Individuality In The War Of The Worlds

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When people surrender to society’s influences, individuality will cease to exist. During the nineteenth century, the distinction between the different social classes became increasingly clearer. People were expected to act accordingly to their social classes in order to better their society. People who attempted to create an identity for themselves clashed with societal expectations, which lead to chaos within the community. The attempts at a better society came with many losses, such as the loss of individuality and religious views. In the novel, The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, England is being invaded by Martians. On the quest to escape the attack, the narrator runs into two different individuals; they’re known as the artilleryman…show more content…
During the nineteenth century, people were born into social classes, and once born into one, the means of moving up is near impossible (Cowlard). People couldn’t fight against social classes, as failure is inevitable. Referring to Christina Zwarg, “The upper class is in a position where they have immense power and authority.” Wells illustrates the major difference in power within the social classes by representing the Martians as on top of the social hierarchy while humans are near the bottom. In the novel The War of the Worlds, the artilleryman openly accepts the invasion because he sees an opportunity for the old order to die, and he will be able to begin a new one. The artilleryman argues, "it never was a war, any more than there's war between man and ants” (Wells pg.246; He emphasizes the difference in power between man and Martian, similarly to lower class people compared to higher class people. The artilleryman continues on to compare the fight as “bows and arrows against the lightning” (Wells 90; 1.12). The artilleryman only seeks a better society where he is on top of the social hierarchy and where new order can thrive. Through the character the artilleryman, Well showcases the consequences of a society where social class is distinct,…show more content…
With Darwin's Origin of Species to Strauss's Life of Jesus being introduced within the nineteenth century, many questioned the true meaning and significance of the Bible (J.C.D. Clark). These ideas of evolution challenged the power of the church, and “secularization is inevitable for christianity” (Heyck). People were distancing themselves from religion as a result of the new discoveries. According to Brian Harrison, he proclaims, “While christianity is slowly losing cultural significance, new scientific discoveries flourishes immensely.” The deliberation between religion and science can be seen in the novel The War of the Worlds, with the Martians representing scientific discoveries and the curate representing the original ideas of christianity and religion. When the narrator first runs into the curate, the curate could only focus on the flames in the distance, and the flames represent the eternal punishment the curate is fearful of. The curate believes the Martian’s invasion is the result of God’s punishment, asserting that "It is just. On me and mine be the punishment laid. We have sinned, we have fallen short (Wells 221; 2.4).” The curate openly accepts the punishment as a result of his society distancing themselves from God. He argues that the Martians were sent as
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