Analysis and Reflection of Square Peg: Why Wesleyans Aren't Fundamentalists

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Square Peg: Why Wesleyans Aren't Fundamentalists, a book edited by Al Truesdale and published by Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, examines two significantly different ways of understanding the nature and role of the Bible that mark different parts of Christ’s church. The first is represented by fundamentalism; the second by Wesleyan theology. The goal of the book is to help persons in Wesleyan denominations clearly understand the differences between Wesleyan theology and fundamentalist theology, and that even though both are of the Christian faith, how the theology between the two are incompatible with one another. “Without becoming divisive or claiming perfection in Christian doctrine, the various denominations hold theological positions that reflect their Christian experience, history and understanding of the Scriptures.” (loc 124 Kindle, Truesdale) Wesleyans believe that the proof of the gospel reside primarily in how a person lives their life and “not in logic and argumentation.” (loc 160 Kindle, Truesdale) They support the policy of that to get a better understanding of their faith, is the result of all fields of human exploration and research, from scientific to historical.
Chapter 3, The Bible, Creation, and Science by Robert Branson, PhD presented some interesting aspects of biblical interpretations relative to science. “With the rapid changes and developments that all areas of modern science produce, it is a general belief that if an informed person is made to choose between science or the Bible, science will be chosen.” (loc 647 Kindle, Branson) Dr. Branson tries and explain the three positions people take with biblical studies. The three positions examined by Dr. Branson are 1. Concordance, 2. Young-Earth Creati...

... middle of paper ... camp, and that I always had wanted to try and make the Bible fit within the framework of what we knew scientifically. Then I reread chapter three closer a second time and realized that the Cosmology of Genesis position, that Biblical scholars recommend for the studying of the Bible, is really the position I need to take for me to enjoy my reading and understanding of the Bible. For someone else like me who has always had those unanswered questions about how the Bible and science correlate, reading this book can help them put the studying of the Bible into a different prospective. “Let Wesley's words to a Catholic Christian characterize our disposition toward one another: “So far as we can, let us always rejoice to strengthen each other's hands in God. Above all, let us … take heed … (not to) fall … short of the religion of love.”” (loc 138 Kindle, Truesdale)

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