Summary Of Dear Men It's Your Fault Too By Roxane Gay

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I agree with Roxane Gay’s story “Dear Men: It’s Your Fault Too.” It is men's fault why females have to deal with sexual violence and sexual harassment. Men should think twice before they rape or abuse a female. They should stop and think to themselves “If this was my daughter or mother would I want someone to treat her this way?” Then maybe they’d never do it to begin with because it can happen to anyone. In no way is it the females fault. People Roxane Gay was talking to in her story were saying what you wear, how you act, how much you drink can lead to you being raped and its there fault for dressing, drinking, or acting that way. I Strongly disagree with that person. First of all, no one picks out an outfit and says “Hmm… maybe i'll get raped in…show more content…
No matter what she wore and what she drank isn't a reason to rape anyone. Rape is rape, no means NO! Roxane Gay says “These same people buy into myth woman could avoid sexual violence and harassment.” Who ever thinks that myth is true is so wrong, no one wants to be raped! Everyone tries to avoid it but it just ends up happening because men have no self control. Everyone that's been raped has tried to avoid it, tried to fight it but there is not much you can do when you have someone bigger than you pinning you again a while forcing you to do something you do not want to do. How can you really do anything to stop them? Men should learn self control. Men shouldn't have to be told no more than once to understand someone does not want to engage in sexual activity with them. Men should really stop and think before they rape someone. Sexual harassment happens to anyone it's not only men who rape and abuse but it is usually men more than women. But it doesn't make it any better for a woman to do it. If a women does it she is wrong too. She should think to herself “Would I want my son or father to deal with this?” People should really think before they act and less of this would
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