Women Can Dump Jerks Without Help Of Lawyers, By Judy Garvis

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Women should not be forced to put up with any unwanted sexual advances from men. This is a major problem throughout the world yet it seems to fly under the radar. We need to make sure all women know it is okay to speak up about this and not feel ashamed for something that is not their fault. However, articles that reject these ideas such as "Women Can Dump Jerks Without Help of Lawyers", by Judy Jarvis make it difficult for women to feel comfortable enough to voice their problems. In her writing, Judy Garvis expresses her distaste of the concept of women who "play the victim". However, I actually do feel that women should no longer stay quiet on this topic and once and for all destroy this idea that women must suck it up and live in an environment …show more content…

This was a man who at the time was in the position of being elected associate justice of the Supreme Court. Anita Hill, who had worked for him as his personal assistant testified about these comments made by Clarence Thomas, "pornographic materials depicting individuals with large penises or large breasts involved in various sex acts. On several occasions Thomas told me graphically of his own sexual prowess (Smolowe)". This. Is. Not. Harmless. Garvis clearly did not take Hill 's words seriously and gave her own two cents about it, "Maybe he talked dirty to Anita Hill. Maybe He didn’t. Something obviously went on between the two of them that was sexually charged". What we are doing now is brushing off this man 's actions because a woman 's opinion is not valued enough because the attention was unwanted so there was no so called "sexual …show more content…

"...the most chilling aspect of this sexual harassment movement is the indoctrination of our young into the culture of victim hood" (Garvis). Call it whatever you want but what we are teaching our young ones is to stand up for themselves. There is no indoctrination going on. Is it so horrible for our kids to learn that if someone is acting inappropriately towards you, then you should say something about it? She even goes on to compare the actions of young kids whose minds are not fully developed to the behavior of middle aged men. "Do we really want an aggressive girl who bothers the hell out of a teenage crush...to be a criminal? Because that is the direction we 're headed" (Garvis). Very bad analogy to try to compare the actions of a teenager to the behavior of an adult who holds a very respectable career and should already know what is acceptable and what is

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that women should not be forced to put up with unwanted sexual advances from men — this is a major problem throughout the world, yet it seems to fly under the radar.
  • Explains that women have to put up with this behavior throughout early school years and the college years as well. some people like to brush this action of men just being men.
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