Persuasive Essay: Should A College Education Worth It?

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The college education acts as the key to a successful future for individuals who are serious with it. It provides a financial security and helps a person build a remarkable reputation. Currently, college education has become the minimum requirement in securing a job in various companies. Is college really worth it? This is a question many students start to ask as the college cost increases and jobs are harder to get. Although getting accepted into a good college is a great start, the students themselves need to be motivated, talented, and creative in order to make college worth the cost and become successful. In the future, the education received from college will be very beneficial to people in many ways. A college education would raise…show more content…
With a college education, a person becomes more intelligent as compared to when he/she was just a high school graduate. College does not only enable one to become economically successful, but it allows them to have a healthy life ahead of them. A survey by Public Health Services indicates that those with a college education have “longer life expectancies” (USC). College students tend to have jobs that are more “meaningful and interesting” and allow them more freedom to make decisions at work (USC). College students have “higher self-esteem and more self-direction” (USC). They are better at solving problems and handling day-to-day decisions. College students with a college degree report a better quality of life and a higher standard of living than those without a college education. According to RMU, on standard of living, “72.3% who attended college had a very good or good financial standard of living” (Pittsburgh). Among college graduates, “the percent describing a positive quality of life was somewhat higher (87.8%) than those without some college or a college degree (84.5%)” (Pittsburgh). Earning a college degree can have a ripple effect that will influence the well-being of generations to come. College educated people are living in better quality areas in ever higher numbers : “ around 1 million college educated between 25 and 34 year olds with a bachelor’s degree or higher level of…show more content…
While the education gained in the classroom is without a doubt beneficial, using what was learned and applying it to real world learning opportunities will lead to a more robust and well-rounded education which “91% of college grads had more than one type of experience during college” (Career). College students have the opportunity to participate in internships and having key roles in student organizations will help students gain project management skills that can only be learned through experience : “Internships provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to apply classroom knowledge and to strengthen their professional work habits. Participation in internships provides students with a competitive advantage over other graduates with limited practical work experience” (Thomas). Beyond the career, college gives the experience and education that will let you enjoy life. The education that comes with a college degree also gives a person a wealth of knowledge in the arts, history, psychology, science and many other areas which enrich a person’s life. College education gives students an opportunity to learn new things and remove some stereotypes associated with some cultures from other areas, and countries by socializing and making new friends that they could not have experienced if they were not enrolled in a college : “The number of
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