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When I was growing up, I was told to hurry up and work hard to be successful. At a young age, I interpreted that success was to make money. Only when I am wealthy I will truly understand what success is, happiness. As I got older I realized that success has many different interpretations and it differs from one person to another. Success to me is a feeling rather than an event or series of events. One sole event does not amount to success. Even when I have achieved something, there is always going to be something more. The drive to be successful will always be there and success is more of a feeling when reaching different tiers of goals. In reaching those tiers, I believe you get a sense of happiness and relief in knowing you are moving in the direction you want and are achieving the goals you set for yourself. For me, success and happiness go hand in hand. The Oxford English Dictionary is a detailed dictionary of the English language. I was able to trace the definition of success and its historical development throughout the English language. Providing me with a comprehensive definition, as well as describing it’s usage and its many variations throughout the world. The two definition give for success are: “That which happens in the sequel; the termination (favorable or otherwise) of affairs; the issue, upshot, result. Obs.” Which implies the result of an event or the ending of a problem. Something that is finished. When something that you have been undergoing comes to end. Can also mean finishing something you started. “The fortune (good or bad) befalling anyone in a particular situation or affair. Usually with qualifying adj. good sense=sense; ill success failure, misadventure, misfortune.” Something good or bad that has fa... ... middle of paper ... ... Success to some may mean acquiring an education. Few expressed success as finishing their college education. The notion of success with their college education would be by obtaining a degree. Those who were able to use their education as leverage to secure a career. Success to them is having an education and making the most of what they learned. Having the capability to use their education to help them out in life. They want to work hard for a long-term goal. One measure of success is how happy a person is. I believe that success does have a lot to with happiness. Happiness is a feeling that motivates people to keep going. What I gathered from interviews was about being happy in whatever you do. I was able to come to a conclusion that many of the interviews defined success with happiness. Success is tied in with happiness because they are both highly subjective.

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