Happiness Essay: The Meaning Of Happiness And Happiness

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What is happiness? Probably, this is one of the most difficult concepts. The meaning of happiness cannot be reached treasures of gold and silver, because it is more precious than gold and silver. Everyone knows happiness by his desires, outlook on life, and the lifestyle. For example, people think that happiness is when you understand or when you have money. They aspire to this life, and when they get to realize that happiness is not the case. Poor people think that happiness is money, and rich people know that it is not. Lonely believe that happiness in the family, and family know that just having a family - this is not happiness. As a result, many are chasing ghosts, frustrated and a verdict: "no happiness in life." The purpose of this article is to understand what happiness is, so that everyone can see the totality of this unusual condition, evaluate yourself, find your mistakes and set goals to achieve happiness.
Happiness is a state of mind. That condition is exactly what you feel. Not that you have at home, not how much you earn, not what people around you, and only what you feel about it. One is encouraged at work, enjoy, and his colleague - suffer, doing the same. For happiness no matter what a person has, what it does? It is important that he feels. Now consider a state of mind more. After all, a person may experience many different good states, where they happiness as I retrieve it? Happiness three distinctive features: positivity, consistency and strength. We consider them in turn.
Happiness is a positive state, its bright joy. Light positive person experiences the joy of what is good not only to him but also to other people. If positivity simple and clear, it is necessary to dwell here. Happiness - it's a...

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...person can help others. And the happiness that comes from satisfaction of the senses - it is temporary and passes quickly. . In my understanding, happiness cannot be one-sided. That is not to say "I'm happy because I grow great kids." It is important that these same kids were healthy, lucky, loved. That at the same time long as all parents. So you can dress and feed his family and that in any moment could come to the aid of their parents. That's only in this situation, a person really happy when all he was good! I think that the expression "happiness turned away" is taking place, but rather a short period in the life of every person. Very much that people feel happy always. But, unfortunately, sensible person cannot do it. Much depends on the person. Happiness is in our hands, Except for a few moments in life that we must overcome in order to become happy again.
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