Student Assessment - The Importance of Standardized Testing

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The point here is that standardized testing is necessary to evaluate students and programs achievement or ability. In my opinion it is a good basic start to understanding the development of human- kind in many aspects. For example, in a school setting, standardizing tests are used to measure developmental stages or reading levels, just to name a few. School Psychologist and Counselors use standardizing testing to look at the development of students. They will agree severe disabilities to be initially detected by some source of standardized testing. On the other hand, standardizing testing is useful for teacher as a method to determine reading or math levels of students. Teachers and students benefit, as it allows for teachers to meet students where they are and to detect possible learning disabilities. Teachers are then able to referred students to the psychologist or programs in which students are able to receive aid accordingly. Some will say that standardized testing is impersonal. I will agree that we are all unique, and we each carry unique traits. Part of these traits are detected by standardized testing, whether an intelligences test that identifies a gifted child or a developmental test that can detect a learning or emotion disability. Standardized testing can be a start to solutions or to awareness for those with disabilities or developmental disturbances due to mental, emotional or physical trauma. Standardized only means that test takers are giving the same test and scored equally, meaning all tests are administered under the same condition. Most standardized tests are designed to be similar to test takers. According to (Sireci, 2000) standardized testing means that it is developed accorda... ... middle of paper ... ...inst it. If standardize testing would not be available how would anyone test individual in a standard manner? By taking these test and evaluations individuals and programs are place accordingly to school’s programs, or employment opportunities. Another aspect that will make change for the greater good are parent’s interaction with children, there should be some educational interaction at home so children can feel; confident in the classroom and while test taking. Involvement of parents will take some pressure of teachers; teachers are in a position that they have a higher demand on their education. The officials that create this type of testing should update it regularly as the era of our time changes so it won’t be so much emphasis on the bias of test. As C.S Lewis said, “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.
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