Strong Culture Essay

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“Culture can be both an asset and a liability to an organisation” Notes : Point, explanation, evidence, reference. for each argument. Culture is the shared principles and traditions that influence the ways its member perform. Culture within a business organisation can be the difference between a good and a great company, this essay will discuss both positives and negatives of a strong culture then make a final decision on each aspect. The topics that will be covered in this essay are; Consistency or Inertia?, Strong company or flexible company? Easier hiring practices or dangerous homogeneity? Employee growth or over dependency? (cite zappos) In a nutshell, the most prominent asset of organisational culture is employee unity, this means the culture aids and dictates how employees coexist with each other and with their customers. Attributes of a positive organisational culture would include; mutual respect, politeness, conflict resolution and team building. The result of these attributes contribute to producing a harmonious working environment…show more content…
(cite table 2.3 pg 44 in official textbook) Having a strong culture is an asset terms of reducing uncertainty amongst the stakeholders, namely; investors, staff, creditors and clients. Culture can dictate the degree of risk & involvement in planning, the autonomy of employees & level of communication when organising, leadership style & importance of employee satisfaction when leading, finally evaluation & reward methods when controlling. These managerial factors promotes certainty amongst investors & creditors and maintains positive expectations amongst customers and employees, which in turn gives the organization the confidence & ability to take on riskier projects in the pursuit of above average
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