Stress Crisis

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There are many different stress factors that occur every day in people’s lives. Some are considered stressful situations while others may become a crisis in their lives. I am going to talk about a crisis that that my family and I experienced a couple of years back.

Going back about five years ago, I found out that I was pregnant. At that time I was not married and already had three children from a previous marriage. At the time my fiancé and I had been together about two years. I did not plan to have any more children. We were not married yet and were not ready to have a child together. My fiancé’s last relationship was a long one. Seven years with the same girl, so I was a little concerned that he was not fully ready to settle down. I also came out of a long relationship. I was concerned that my fiancé would not be able to handle the stress and dedication needed to walk into an already made family. A lot of adjustment would be necessary on both of our parts. We decided that in the interest of all parties involved, we would wait until after the arrival of the new all parties involved, we would wait until after the arrival of the new little one to get married. Well, it did not happen exactly as planned.
As you might expect, raising a large family is not a financially easy thing to do. Money began to set up unimaginable roadblocks for our relationship. As the pregnancy continued, it became more difficult for me to work. Soon I had to quit my job completely. To make matters worse, my fiancé’s job was not very stable. The bills piled up and the rent always seemed to be late. The children complained that they were tired of eating spaghetti and sauce every night for dinner. All we seemed to do during this bleak period In our lives is argue and disagree about money that neither of us had. We could do nothing about it, but still felt so overwhelmed and stressed that it caused a major disruption to our lives. We owned two vehicles, neither of which were reliable. When one broke down, we would operate on one. I would take him to work in the morning, then go to work myself. I would pick up the kids from school, take them home, and then have to pick up my fiancé from work.

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