Strengths and Weakness of My Family

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Each family has its own characteristics which make it different amidst others. My family for example, has its unique particulars of its own strengths and weaknesses. Family relationships are very important to an individual’s life. Growing up together we have developed meaningful values, beliefs and our morals which show throughout our family. Analysis of Family Strengths One of the great strengths of my family is respect. Without having respect for each other there would be no value to our relationship. As a family we valued this strength in helping make decisions which are applied to health, education and personal relationships. Communication is also a key to our strength in our family. Acknowledging one another helps each other know if problems arise, we can talk about on how to correct it. A third strength is that both my parents are healthy and can financially support our family. My parents work hard to provide us with basic needs in life and encourage us about the importance of achieving a great education. Together as a family we make a goal to make time for family functions. This included having dinner together at our favorite restaurant or just having fun at home playing board games. By doing this it kept us together and grows the relationship strong among us. Family functions which also included assistance of house duties in which one person was assigned a task for that day. With the cooperation of all my family members helping each other out made it easy. Analysis of Major Family Weakness Each family has its own strengths which mold their lives in a positive way. I believe that my family is not perfect, regardless of this imperfection I am still glad of what I have. By using my strength to overcome weaknesses can ov... ... middle of paper ... ...y technology we can stay close to one another by using video talk software to keep in touch. This has been a very useful technology being that is it very difficult to get immigration visas for my parents to visit. Although we are far apart I am still always there for my family as they were there for me. Moreover, one idea which has worked for me and my sister is that we generally have the same day off. So we schedule that particular day to handle all our family affairs. In this way we don’t feel disconnected from each other. Conclusion / Summary In conclusion, I learned to respect everyone regardless of their gender, beliefs, and different views towards one’s life. I am a determined person and have a great loyal relationship with my family as well with my friends. By having a very close family, they showed me the importance of family values and good ethics to life.
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