Agents Of Socialization In Society: The Four Agents Of Socialization

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An agent of socialization is something that affects you and thus society as a whole. There are many different agents of socialization. The four most important agents of socialization are family, school, peer groups, and mass media. These agents of socialization influence almost everything and every aspect of one’s life. From how you think to what kind of music you like. Family has major impacts on our lives. From the moment you were born, your family has taught you right from wrong. We get our religion, values, gender roles, language, and habits from our families. We get our status in society through your family’s connection and wealth which later can determine one’s job opportunities in life. Although we grow up and start to develop our own values and beliefs and opinions, the family values beliefs and opinion that were instilled in you since you were little never really go away. Family is the first socialization we experience. Without family, we…show more content…
“Socialization is the process of learning one 's culture and how to live within it; how people adapt ideas about social roles from other members of their society” (Macionis 2013:62) In Besty Lucal’s (1999) article “What it means to be gendered me” she states that “We learn how to read people 's genders by learning which traits culturally signify each gender” Lucal tries not to do gender but sometimes she must. Gender roles are learned. When Lucal goes to the bathroom, she does not want to be mistaken as a man so she tightens up her shirt to show her breast. Although Lucal does not do gender, she still knows what is considered feminine and masculine. She learned gender roles through family and school. Teachers have different expectations for girls and boys behaviors in school. They may encourage and praise girls who act formally but when they are rowdy they may be punished more than boys would be if they were to act up. Schools may also have different uniforms for girls than

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