Strategies of Day Trading

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Day trading is a fairly new development of the stock market. Day trading refers to buying and selling a stock in the same day. Day traders normally trade common stocks, currencies, or stock options. Day trading is normally done by professional investors. However, it has also become a popular way to make money at home for others.

In 1975, Wall Street ended the set fee on stock trades. Day trading then became a reality to investors. Before this, traders collected their order information with brokers using ticker tape. The Securities and Exchange Commission decided that fixed commissions are legal in 1975. Legalizing fixed commissions marked the beginning of discount brokers. Short term trading became profitable. This is how day trading was born.

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Federal Reserve Bank of New York Day trading in the overnight federal funds market.

Anyone can become a day trader. But in order to be a successful day trader, you must have the proper access and characteristics. For example, knowledge and experi...
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