Self Indulgence Of Instant Gratification

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Faith Hudson Mrs. Kimmich English 11 17 December 2013 Rough Draft Instant Gratification. Self Indulgence. What do both of these words have in common? They are all major aspects as to why the stock market crashed in nineteen-twenty and again in two thousand-eight. The nineteen-twenties is most commonly known because of the Great Depression., But in two thousand-eight, there was also a stock market crash, known as the sub-prime crash, along with the housing market falling a bit itself as well. Bet you did not even hear that, and if you did it probably was not much. Both of these major markets where a result of society’s careless spending habits. The self indulgence of the nineteen-twenties and the great depression affected the Instant gratification of the two thousands so much that it caused a relapse in history causing the stock market crash of two thousand and eight. The stock market is where you buy or sell stocks in a company. A stock market crash is when stocks take a big decline in the DOW ( Dow Jones Stock Average). In the nineteen twenties the DOW hit an all time low with a decrease of ninety percent. The reason why the stocks fell were because twelve point nine million dollars in stocks were sold on just one day. That’s three times the amount sold on any other normal day. Over the course of the next couple of days stock prices dropped twenty-three percent. With americans spending money erratically on all these stocks, it was actually sending America into a downward spiral. Americans started buying stocks because they were starting to make more money and living the “American Dream” and owning stocks was apart of that dream. With everyone spending their money on stocks and furniture and houses and vehicles, no one ... ... middle of paper ... ...t reasons as the crash of 1929. Overvalued stocks. And how do you get over valued stocks? Buy the majority of people spending their money on these corrupted stocks. These people are all hoping to make more and more money off of these. Everyone is looking for an easy way to make money, because Americans are in need of instant gratification. They want the money now so they can self indulge themself. The way the people in our society are spending their money is evidently causing a repeat in history with the stock markets crashing. With no one really fixing the problem the first time in 1929, cause it to happen again in 2008. And if we don't fix it soon it's going to happen again in the future. In conclusion, the self indulge of the 1920's affected Americans so much that it affected the instant gratification of American in the 2000's, to cause a relapse in history.
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