Strategic Plan Analysis Paper

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Strategic Plan Analysis Paper Total quality management (TQM) involves the application of quality management principles to all aspects of the business. TQM requires that the principles of quality management be applied in every branch and at every level in an organization. Typical of an organization going through a total quality process would be a clear vision, few inter-departmental barriers, employee training, excellent customer relations, and the realization that quality is not just product quality but also the quality of the whole organization to include those functions that do not directly interact with the customer or the production of goods and services. In this paper, the TQM approaches of BAE Systems Information Technology (BAE-IT), and Philips Semiconductor will be compared and contrasted for style and process. First, the paper will look at the organizational vision and mission of BAE-IT. BAE-IT employs more than 4,900 highly-qualified engineering, technical, and functional personnel, making it one of the largest IT providers to the U.S. Government. BAE-IT represents combined capabilities that span a full suite of managed network services, IT applications, and information assurance solutions for the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense and its Military Services, and federal agencies and departments, including Homeland Security, Justice, Treasury, and State. Furthermore, the organization "provides an expanded capability set, additional experience and past performance, and significantly more resources (the critical mass) necessary to bid, win, and execute large procurements" (BAE-IT intranet, 2006). Organizational strengths include: "a highly-skilled technical staff; broad customer base; strong corporate culture and heritage; focus on customer satisfaction; focus on customer intimacy; respected reputation; high-performance staff; strong financial performance; well known in key markets; backing of a strong, global company" (BAE-IT intranet, 2006). BAE-IT as part of BAE Systems North America (a wholly-owned subsidiary of BAE Systems plc) is a U.S. corporation and one of the top 5 U.S. Defense Contractors. BAE Systems North America employs more than 25,000 people and operates in over 30 states, generating annual sales of more than $4 billion (2006). As part of a global organization, BAE-IT is required to focus on building a sound strategic plan to ensure its long-term success in the global defense industry. To form the catalyst to a sound corporate strategy, the organization developed a mission statement and corporate vision to help guide the principles on which the future of the organization will be based.
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