Strategic Analysis Of Chipotle And Fast Food Restaurants

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Today’s society is trending more towards health-conscious eating habits and there is an increase in demand for organic and healthier food. This trend is creating new windows of opportunity for restaurants, specifically for fast-food restaurants. With the growing trend of health consciousness among customers, many major fast-food chains are offering more healthy options on their menus. McDonald’s attempts to offer more hygienic ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and cage-free eggs. Similarly, Wendy’s started to offer a new, healthier menus to cater the consumer demands for healthier offerings. For Chipotle, the company offers fresh, organic, and naturally raised foods with high quality ingredients. Its naturally-raised pork and antibiotic-free chicken has created a market loyalty where many customers prefer Chipotle as their place to dine. In order to give customers a high-quality experience, Chipotle aims to not only use all naturally raised meat, but also increase consumer awareness with regards to the importance and benefits consuming of naturally-raised produce through market penetration.
Table 5 shows the strategic alternatives based on the extent to which key external and
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The company has a competitive advantage of offering high quality ingredients to its customer along with its commitment to the principle of “Food with Integrity.” In regards to its “Food with Integrity” philosophy, Chipotle is taking advantage of growing trends in the industry with a great emphasis on healthy food with high-quality and organic ingredients. By capitalizing on current trends, Chipotle is stealing market share from fast food giants like McDonald’s and Yum Brands. This success has been linked to the achievements of different types of strategies adopted to ensure that the market is sustained through competitive

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