An Evaluation of a Chipotle Restaurant

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Chipotle Experience

Chipotle is my favorite place to eat. As I am sure it is for other people. Chipotle is a fast food Mexican grill. They are most known for how big they make your burritos. Now it is fast food but it isn’t actually fast, they’re like a restaurant but without the wait. They serve all naturally raised meat and organic beans. So there food is pretty healthy and worth eating. The employees are always nice and it just a great place to eat over all. Chipotle is a great choice for a quick fast food stop because it gives great service, atmosphere, food and value. My experience there is always a good one.

Any Chipotle I have always gone to have always had good service. Their employees are great. There is never a sour moment when you ask for anything, they are always kind and welcoming. I am always greeted with a hello and a smile when I step up to order. Even if the employee serving you has had a bad day it never shows, you would never know. Despite the lines being basically out the door every time you come (which is the only downside to coming here), the wait time can give you a headache. It is worth it, because Chipotle for sure serves fast food; they usually have three employees working to serve the food. One to get what you order prepared, one to add what extras you and to finish packing it and one to cash you out. The menu is very easy to read and figure out what you want. They have all of the print on the menu in white and big font so it makes it simple for everyone to read. So there isn’t any trouble ordering what you want. They have many different options to choose from as well. You don’t always have to get the burrito.

You can choose from three things on the menu when you’re deciding on an order. There is...

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... are a steal and makes people want to come back more and more.

My expectation before I’ve ever walked into a chipotle was that it was just some other Mexican grill restaurant and it wasn’t worth my time. When I actually went there and felt the vibe and tasted their food I was blown away. It was the best thing I’ve ever gotten. Trying the barbacoa is the best thing I’ve done so far in my life. Chipotle is a great experience because you don’t feel like you’re just going to another same fast food place. You can actually sit down and take some time out of your day to just relax and take a breather while eating some delicious food. Every time I go to chipotle, I experience nothing but good things.

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