Stereotype Essay On Stereotypes

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STEREOTYPES What was a stereotype that was directed towards you? In this day in time our society is corrupted by stereotypes. People are not getting along with one another, not trusting someone else, or even being judged before getting to know a person. I have seen so many people be victimized by a stereotype countless of times. As a child and now even as an adult, I have been a victim of viewed as a stereotype countless of times. But two specific times in particular stood out to me. Some people say that most people are racist or look at you differently because of your skin color, anyone can be viewed as a stereotype. As a child I grew up in a predominantly African American or “black” neighborhood where the stereotype of a single black woman with lots of kids running…show more content…
One night I was walking down the hall to the elevator so I can go and grab a bite to eat. I walked into the elevator and I looked into the elevator and saw this older lady (white) and as I was walking onto the elevator the old lady stared at me the whole time as I walked in, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her take a small step to her right and gripped onto her purse tight as if I was going to try and robber her or something. In my head I said, “She thinks I am a thief” I looked over and said politely, “Hello ma’am how are doing this evening?” and with a timid voice she says “I’m fine”. I simply asked her how she was doing because I didn’t want her to thing that I was just a thug or thief just by looking at me. And why should I let this older woman think I am like every other teenage black man and let her think that I am low life thief or thug. The elevator stopped and I walked off and said “you have a wonderful night ma’am” and as I walked away with a smile I heard her say to herself as if she was shocked or surprised “what a nice young
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